Why do you need a wedding planner contract?

Before your big day, you will have to sign miles and miles of contracts. Between good and bad days, it is important to keep in mind one thing: a wedding planner is the best help ever. However, before to hire any service like that, you have to be careful with a wedding planner contract. Why? Here are four tips to be aware of.

Choose a good professional 

Google it. Did you find a good one? Ask for former clients. Call them, ask them how the experience was. Before sign up a wedding planner contract, you have to be sure about them. If you find a good service, but there is not a former reference, probably you will have some bad time with it. If you can, ask some already married friends, friends of friends, family… There is always someone who knows a good agency. But don’t sign your wedding planner contract before knowing his past.

Ask everything before getting a deal

Before signing up your wedding planner contract you shall ask about every single thing. Don’t be shy. There is nothing worse than making a deal not knowing everything about it. Pay attention the way the wedding planner answers you. Does he or she answer you with confidence and professionalism? Is it easy to explain what you want to know? If you don’t feel that, look for another person. Your wedding is a very important time and it is very important that you feel safe before signing the wedding planner contract.

How can I pay for it?

This question is crucial. You have to ask before signing up the wedding planner contract. Because of the excitement, many fiancés end up forgetting to ask this simple question. Many companies offer installments or even discount. If you have a chance to minimize and facilitate some payments during your wedding organization, it will be a great help for your pocket. However, these things should be discussed before the contract gets settled. So you avoid some problems after they give you the service.

Small little sentences at the end: pay attention

We know that you are so excited to start to organize your wedding and everything… But in every single contract in the world, we can see the tricky small little notes at the end. In a wedding planner contract, this can cost you a lot of problems. They can tell you something in the beginning and they not finish their promise. You realize that and ask them why: “this is not in the contract; we don’t cover that”. There is nothing more frustrating than this sentence for someone who is in the middle of their wedding organization. So… pay attention in the small little sentences at the end of the contract. 

After these tips, we hope you can do it better. Start googling, make some calls and… good luck!