Purple flowers: what are they meaning?

Flowers always make for a thoughtful gift, but knowing about their language can give them so much more meaning. Color is a part of that especial code that can turn a bouquet of blooms into a message. Keep reading to discover the unique significance of purple flowers.

The color of greatness

Purple is a rather rare tone in nature, especially in comparison to other more common shades. This made purple dye very expensive in the olden days, which is why the color has been historically linked to royalty, nobility and wealth. 

In the ancient world, its trade was concentrated in the Phoenician city of Tyre (Lebanon), where it was made from a species of sea snail. Purple fabrics started being acquired and worn by rich people other than royals towards the 15th century. But the shade remained an expensive one up until the 1850s, when synthetic dyes became available.

Due to such rarity in the natural world, purple has also been associated to sacredness and spirituality. Today, it generally evokes dignity, elegance, peace and a sense of mystery.

The multiple meanings of purple flowers

As colors do, different types of flowers mean different things. So while a purple pansy evokes free thinking, a purple geranium stands for the health of women, and fertility. 

These are the main symbolisms behind purple flowers. You can also find some blooms that represent each one of them:

  • Elegance: China Aster
  • Peace: Cosmos, and Italian Aster
  • Healing: Verbena, Salvia, Coneflower, and Heliotrope
  • Intelligence: Clematis, Dwarf Iris and Lupine
  • Good fortune: Anemone, Allium, Sweet Pea, Bell Heather
  • Love and affection: Bellflower, Catmint, Fuchsia, Scabiosa, Balloon Flower, and Lily of the Nile.

Popular purple flowers

Purple flowers will always make a statement. Discover the meaning of some well-known blossoms:

  • Lavender: known for its soothing scent, it symbolizes devotion. 
  • Wisteria: it represents beauty, fertility and love. 
  • Morning glory: it recalls affection.
  • Gladiolus: it stands for integrity, calmness, and infatuation. They’re frequently gifted for anniversaries or for Valentine’s Day.
  • Hydrangea: it suggests gratitude and emotion. They’re popular at weddings.


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