How to save money on the banquet halls decor

The budget is one of the most important elements in the preparation of a wedding. It is so important, because when organizing a wedding, there are many decisions to make regarding money, and you can save money if you choose the right options. One of them is your banquet hall’s decor. We are going to show you how to stretch your budget in your banquet hall’s decor.

The banquet hall’s decor: start wedding preparations well in advance

We already know that time is relative. To avoid stress in the final few weeks before your wedding, it is advisable to start organizing well in advance. Planning your wedding well in advance will also save you money:

Choose a decor theme: creating a narrative thread for your wedding will be a hit with your guests. You can find decorative elements, which will shine in your banquet halls décor, in fairs or small markets.

  • Decorations on sale: find out when your decorations will be on sale. Your budget will stretch further if you buy them at Christmas or on Valentine's Day.

  • Reuse decorations: for beautiful photographs, focus on the flowers, which we will discuss later. So, if you have the chance, reuse the wedding decorations from the wedding ceremony in your banquet hall’s decor. Why buy two of the same items?

Flowers: save on the fundamental element of your wedding

Flowers are essential in a banquet hall’s decor. There is no element quite like an arrangement of colorful flowers to celebrate the best day of your life. The following tips will help you to cut down on your flower budget:

  • Choose seasonal flowers: keep in mind the season in which you are getting married, and avoid importing exotic flowers.

  • Remember that quality is most important: it is not necessary for your banquet hall to be full of flowers. Prioritize quality and beauty over number. 

  • Be aware of new trends: weddings change from one year to the next. Now you can use other elements such as fruit or even herbs for decoration. Of course, get advice from an expert, because the combination has to look good.

  • Teach yourself: learning how to create floral arrangements will not only stretch your wedding budget, but it will also give you a new skill to use in your home. 

Flowers: think ahead

In short, to use beautiful flowers in your banquet hall’s décor, you need to think ahead. Enjoy Flowers has a special section with all these options. Follow the link and discover all the floral arrangements that you can use, which will not affect your budget


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