Five inexpensive party favors that will thrill your close friends

A gift to a bridesmaid or a very close person is a detail that you cannot afford to forget. A party favor shows gratitude for the help given to organize your wedding. It is important to remember the people who have helped you choose your dress and your wedding hairstyle, and of course helped you to organize your bachelorette party. For all these reasons, the party favor is not a minor issue when it comes to organizing your wedding. Here are five options that will fit your budget and will show your gratitude to the people you love the most:

Party favor: the smell is forever

An original party favor that isn’t hugely expensive is the perfume that you will use on the day of your wedding. It is a unique gift that will unite your friends in the future. They will remember your wedding every time they wear the perfume at future occasions.

Party favor: a useful and pretty garment

One of the most remembered moments of a wedding is the final preparation. We talk about the final hairdresser, makeup artist and the looks continued in the mirror. That moment is for you and your bridesmaids. It could be a good occasion to give your party favors:

  • Kimonos: an original garment which stops you from staining your wedding dresses.
  • Short massage: a pre-wedding massage will be a hit and your bridesmaids will never forget it.

Unique drinks for your party favor

Another way to hold onto the moment is with an personalized cup.. You could include a phrase that summarizes your friendship with each person. Your bridesmaids will thank you for this useful gift.

Porcelain figures: a visual gift

Imagine that you are a bridesmaid and you receive a porcelain figurine with your face on it. It is an original gift that you will love. You could also use superheroines to represent each bridesmaid, because your bridesmaids have been true heroines for the last few months.

Fabric hangers: a useful and elegant party favor

If you are making some of the things for your wedding, such as invitations or flower arrangements, dare to do the same with the party favors. One of the gifts you can make is a clothes hanger. These hangers can be personalized for your bridesmaids’ most delicate garments. An unforgettable memory.

Finally, just choose the idea that you like and give it your personal touch. It will be a wonderful moment.


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