Best love songs for a honeymoon playlist

Love is in the air: best love songs for your honeymoon playlist
Best love songs for the perfect honeymoon 


When love is in the air, the music flows. Taking a road trip to a dream destination? A playlist with the best love songs can be a great companion. Flying far away from home to a different culture? New beats are perfect for a unique playlist.

Honeymoons are made for sharing special moments. You are in the mood for singing, dancing, celebrating and love; you want to capture it all. Unforgettable moments will always be remembered when you listen to the best love songs on your honeymoon list. 

Where to start? The best love songs for a honeymoon playlist are those you pick together during your trip. Mix and match golden oldies with ones that are fresh and bold. 

Remember the wedding good-luck charms: Something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue.   


Something new

If you are traveling far away from home, to a different culture, look for special beats. Search for the best love songs on World Music, Putumayo Records or Spotify. 

Classic Brazilian Bossa Nova is always a good choice. The warmth and sensuality of Eu sei que vou te amar (I know I will love you) is one of the best love songs of all times.  

But if you feel that 50’s Latin music is too recent, turn to European ballads from the 12th Century, when singing about love started. A 100 million love songs after we are still conquered by their magic. 

If that sounds a little bit outdated, search on music charts. The best love songs come in all genres. Make your playlist cheerful or sensual. Perhaps you’d like all the songs to end on a happy note.  


Something old

Play it differently by tuning into golden oldies from your sweetheart days. You must have a shared favorites. Or maybe go vintage, which always looks and sounds good.

    • Elvis Presley, Love me tender
    • The Beatles, And I love her 
    • Bee Gees, Too much heaven
    • Carol King, A natural woman
    • Seal, Love and Kissed by a rose
  • Elton John, Love song
  • Aretha Franklin, I say a little prayer
  • Queen, You’re my best friend
  • Billy Joel, She’s got a way

    Something borrowed

    Your honeymoon music is on your priority list, but you have many things to attend to. Take a shortcut to the best love songs by borrowing playlists. 

    • Caroline Dupuy has some great mixes on Spotify, from romantic to explicit- and-yet-posh charts. 
    • Vail Fucci offers a good selection ranging from R&B to Rock and classical.
    • Drop in some soundtracks like Can you feel the love tonight


    Something blue 

    There is no final honeymoon best love songs’ playlist until you return home. That hot beach song or the melody playing at the mountain spa is a must. Maybe a new and sexy rhythm discovered in Latin America, or a fascinating melody that came out of the blue in India, will make it to your beloved playlist. Just listen to your heart and flow with the songs.       



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