Common flower arrangements mistakes

Flower arrangements are a bride’s best friend. But flower love at first sight on
webpages or social media can leave you with a broken heart and an empty wallet.
Avoid these six common mistakes when deciding on flowers.

Size matters

Flower arrangements and centerpieces must be proportional to the size of the
room where the reception takes place. Trends might say that tall centerpieces are
in fashion, and you have seen beautiful pictures on websites and social media. But
remember that having a big arrangement demands a big room. If you are having a
smaller-scale event, flowers should be proportional.

Take a look

Many flower arrangements look fine if you are standing up. But you get a
completely different perspective when sitting down. They can turn into a colorful
bush that won’t let you see or talk to other guests at the table.  Ask for an early
rehearsal to have a better perspective on how your guests will feel at your party.

Nose in

Flowers with a strong fragrance can ruin the occasion. Flower bouquets and
centerpieces with a gentle aroma, just a touch of perfume, are ideal.  Nothing
should downplay the bride, and no smell should ruin the banquet.
Flower arrangements, like beauty, take time
When planning your wedding, there are three key aspects to have in mind after
choosing the date: find a dress, decide on the size and theme of the reception, and
pick the perfect flowers.

Flowers will be all around you; they will highlight your wedding dress and set the
tone for the reception. Don’t make it a last-minute decision. Early planning of
flower arrangements, including the centerpieces and your bouquet, will save you
money. Be honest about your budget and be open to alternatives.
In season

Flower centerpieces and bouquets change depending on the time of the year. To
remain within your budget, take advantage of the season when deciding on flower

Spring flowers are soft-toned, pastel colored, and delicate. Fall brings golden and
burgundy shades that you can mix with lilac and violet hues. Summer is all about
bright colors and foliage, while winter centerpieces combine metallic colors with
purple, gray and rich earthy shades.

Day and night

One common mistake when choosing centerpieces is not having the hour of the
wedding reception in mind. Flower arrangements for night weddings can be
combined with candles that complement them, reducing the number of stems and
saving money.

Soft colors are better for night receptions, while colorful bouquets and centerpieces
are a perfect match for daytime weddings. But don’t overdo it: mix foliage and
textures with just the right amount of vivid colored flowers. Greenery is less
expensive and highlights the beauty of flowers.  


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