The skills you should look for on your wedding planner

Planning a wedding can be tricky. It’s important that you choose a wedding planner
who knows how to handle the chaos so that you can enjoy the planning process of
your wedding as well as the actual day.

Here are 6 skills that your wedding planner has to have:

Organizational skills

Your wedding planner will be responsible for coordinating your wedding and making sure that things happen on time; they need to be on the ball. They have to be able to work under pressure, meet deadlines and be able to delegate.

Problem-solving skills

Your wedding planner needs to be able to deal with the unexpected situations that
are bound to pop up at a wedding. They need to have a high tolerance for stress,
and should remain calm under pressure.


Your wedding planner needs to be at the cutting edge of creativity. They will be at
the center of the creative planning of your wedding. Make sure that they are up-to-
date with current trends and that they have an eye for detail.

Communication skills

They need to have versatile and sophisticated communication styles as they will be
dealing with a lot of different people. Clear and consistent communication is key.
They will obviously need to work well with people and be committed.

Negotiation skills

They will be dealing with wedding vendors. If your wedding planner needs a venue to lower their minimum, they will need confidence, tact and people skills to get what they need.


Are they effective at getting the most out of each dollar spent? They will be
managing money, working within the budget that you provide them with, and skillfully budgeting their time as they are going to be working on tight deadlines.

It’s vital that you and your wedding planner get on well. You are going to be
spending many hours together. Some weddings take more than a year to plan.