Wedding updos for each face shape

When it comes to your wedding day, choosing the right hairstyle is almost as important as choosing your gown and makeup. Wedding updos have been the top hairstyle picks among every bride in the world. They are not only practical, but they complete a delicate bridal look better than any other hairstyle. However, it is important to choose the wedding updo that’ll flatter and work with your face shape and features.

Usually face shapes are divided into five main categories: oval, round, heart, square and diamond. Whether your wedding style is vintage, boho, classic, beachy or casual, one of these wedding updos is surely perfect for you and your face shape.

Oval face

It is said that this type of face allows the most amount of hairstyling. With a prominent chin or a large forehead, the face appears longer than it does wider. To make the face seem more in proportion, don’t wear any hairstyle too sleeky or lengthy. Go for a style that breaks up the length of the face. The perfect weeding updo for an oval face is done by adding width instead of height.

Elongated face

The perfect wedding updo for an elongated face consists in adding a little volume on the sides. Add some waves and volume by leaving some loose hairs. This will help you create texture around your features. The main goal is to break the verticality of the face; the best updos are those of low and medium height. Avoid the high picks that will make your face look even longer. A tip is to add a bang open to the cheekbone to balance the elongated face and shorten it, and with strands around the face to fill the face.

Rounded faces

For round faces, the recommendation is completely the opposite. To balance the curves of the face, opt for a high updo. This will help lengthen and elongate the face. By adding some messy little strands on the sides, it will look more stylish. This will also create texture and movement to help slim down the face and break up the shape. A good way to break up the round or circular shape is to cut a side swept long fringe. This can help flatter the shape.

Square faces

Square faces are strong and very angular. The key to soften the features is to add volume to the top and show the front area. The wedding updos that work best with this type of face are those with soft waves. Long layers or disheveled effect help to hide the sharp angles of the face. Add texture, waves and curls to add femininity and softness.

Inverted diamond face

This face shape has the most marked jaw. The key therefore, is to provide volume in the front and sides. Consider adding volume to the sides of your head, near your eyes, to draw attention there.