How to exploit spring flowers at my wedding

We all know flowers are a key component of any wedding. They add color, life and feeling to this special day. That being said, choosing to have a wedding in spring is choosing the perfect time for flowers. Some of the most lush and beautiful blooms pop up at this time of year. Imagine what spring flowers, with their beauty, bright colors and elegance can do to create the feeling and mood at your wedding.

So even if you have many other (million) things to focus on, like cake, the menu and the dress, don’t forget how useful spring flowers can be. They can do so much to help you decorate and brighten up your venue. Learn how to exploit spring flowers at your wedding.

Choosing the perfect combinations of spring flowers:

Which are the main, popular spring flowers to use on weddings? The list goes from the all-time favorite peony to the iconic tulip, sweet peas, narcissi and ranunculus. These flowers come in a variety of colors to suit any wedding theme and you can choose whether to mix them up or go for one statement color.

Various main needs for flowers:

As you research spring flowers that fit the overall theme and design of your wedding, contemplate the various needs for flowers. Where will you use them?  How many flowers you need? What are they for? We’ve put up a list of different popular uses of flowers: 

Bridal bouquet

Flowers for bride's hair

Bridesmaid's bouquets

Maid of honor’s bouquet

Flower girl headpiece

Flower girl basket decorations

Flower girl petals to toss

Creative spring flower decorations for reception and venue:

  • Monochrome flower curtain

Flowers curtains are very simple to make and the result is really beautiful. You will need only one type of bloom. Choose a color range that suits your wedding color palette and simply tie the flowers together with thin lace or transparent nylon. 

  • Special corners

Decorate each corner of your wedding to create a special atmosphere. For example, if you want to dress your wedding with a romantic and vintage touch, you can place an old bicycle surrounded by flowers. 

  • The path that leads to the altar

You can create an intimate and romantic atmosphere on your way to the altar, placing flower petals and candles. The result is beautiful!

  • Cheerful tables

Escape the ornate and bet on seasonal flowers in very spring colors. Use candles, garlands and flowers. Go with freshly picked blooms, low centerpieces such as roses and peonies, or choose a popular choice such as ombre flowers with the same flowers, such as hydrangeas.