Unique ideas for wedding cake toppers

Every little detail in a wedding counts to make it the happiest day of a bride’s life.
Wedding cake toppers are no exception, since they are the finishing touch on a
key piece of the reception.

Turn any wedding cake into a beautiful memory with these stylish, unique topper

A new take on traditional wedding cake toppers

Bride and groom figurines are a long-standing tradition when decorating wedding
cakes. But classic does not have to mean unoriginal; there are plenty of ways to
give new flare to this custom regarding wedding cake toppers.
Adding a figurine of the couple’s pet is always fun. Personalizing the statuettes to
pay homage to their shared hobby or passion is also an amusing option. A vintage
figurine set or, even better, a family heirloom could as well be the perfect way to

A nature-bound wedding cake

From the bride’s bouquet to the table centerpieces, flowers are a vital element to
any wedding reception. Why not have them crown the cake as well?
Using natural floral toppers bring freshness and understated elegance to any
confection. The perks do not stop there; blooms on the wedding cake can help
convey unity to the entire event. Imagine the same color palette and feel flourishing
everywhere, including the dessert.

A touch of whimsicality

Who says birthday cakes are the only ones that can have lights on them? Candles
make for a great dash of whimsy, especially for night-time receptions. Sparklers

can also help bring the festive spirit to any wedding with a bang (plus, they look
great in pictures!).

A storytelling topper

Wedding cake toppers that tell a story with words are very trendy nowadays.
Phrases such as ‘Just married’ or ‘Happily ever after’ are popular, as well as the
bride and groom’s new common name or their initials. These ornaments can be
made from many materials. Wood, plastic, and wire are amongst the most usual

No matter the size of the reception, there are many ways to make it a day to
remember. Memorable wedding cake toppers can definitely be the cherry on top
of an unforgettable celebration, so get creative!


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