Unusual fall wedding colors combinations

When we think of fall wedding colors combinations, our minds immediately tend to go to the colors of changing leaves. It seems like there’s a standard fall color pallete; Orange and red, yellow and brown seem to be the obvious choice. However, you don’t need to limit yourself to the shades of a tree. There are dozens of other fall wedding colors out there that will capture the magic of the season and make your venue unique but reminiscent.

Ahead, a collection of one-of-a-kind ideas for a fall wedding colors palette that's anything but predictable.

  • Emerald, plum and gold:

Channel autumn and also royalty with this majestic wedding color palette. Go bold with rich, deep hues of emerald and plum paired with elegant touches of metallic gold. For highlights and to avoid going too formal, add a touch of bright magenta and light sprinkles of mint shades.

  • Gray and navy:

For a low-key yet elegant fall wedding colors scheme, gray and navy make a perfect pair. Let the colors be the main attraction with all-white flower arrangements. Enhance it with mood lighting to create a whimsical, enchanted evening atmosphere.

  • Dusty blue, coral and vibrant navy:

This color palette dives into the refreshing and refined tones of dusty blue, coral and vibrant navy. Its both romantic and feminine while still being bold and vibrant, and can easily be used for a fall wedding. Adding touches of metallic copper will up the chic factor and also add some autumn warmth. Contrast the dark nature of navy with monochromatic shades of red, burgundy, coral, and pink. You can decorate the tables with various fall fruits, including plums and pomegranates that fit the color scheme.

  • Amber and blush

Blush pink is an all-time wedding color regardless the season. For fall wedding colors, complement it with rusty orange and peachy hues. To add some contrast, plus a rich and vibrant mix, use deep amber tones and dark leafy greens.

  • Gold, plum and red:

There is something about plum and gold together that brings in great energy and provides a cool, relaxing atmosphere. Elegant and sophisticated, this rich color combination adds depth to a fall wedding celebration. The plum hues provide warmth, and the gold provides balance. Use various shades of light to dark purple and punch up your decoration with touches of light shades of red.