Tips to personalize your save the date cards

Your wedding date is set and the guest list is complete, the next step is to send the save the date cards. This is a fun and practical way to announce your wedding date and let your friends and family know they’re officially invited. It is an opportunity to let your style as a couple shine, so follow these tips to personalize your save the date cards and get your guests excited for the occasion. 


  1. Set the tone for the rest of your wedding:

If you are having a themed wedding, this is the perfect medium to grab your invitees’ attention and prepare them for the occasion. Use different design elements to showcase your wedding style. Play with colors, motifs or fonts to create something that’ll give a first glance to your reception.


  1. Destination wedding:

For most of your guests a destination wedding means vacation time. So why not customize your save the date cards with a fun map or travel-inspired graphics to get everyone in the mood. For a beach wedding for example, create a ‘message in a bottle’. Maybe something exotic and green to match the local color, like a banana leaf. How about sending postcards or a drawing of a local landmark from the town where you’ll be holding the celebration. 


  1. Word your save the date cards together:

The text doesn’t have to be anything too elaborate. Save the date cards serve as a heads-up that there’s a formal invitation on the way with all the event details. So, keep it simple but try to avoid using standard text found on the Internet. If you want your save the date cards to be personal and original, we suggest doing the wording together, as bride and groom. Whether you want to keep the wording classic and traditional or creative and whimsical set the tone as a couple.

  1. Add a visual treat:

Share your love with your guests by adding an engagement photo to your card or any of your favorite memories. You can't get more personal than with a picture of yourselves. Alternately, if you have the skills, you can illustrate your own fun portrait or commission an artist that suits your style to do it.

  1. Your handwriting speaks volume:

Instead of using a computer font, handwrite the text of your invite and then scan it at high resolution. Make sure every detail is as clear as possible.

Consider these save the date cards tips to make them personalized and get everyone excited about your wedding. Don’t be afraid to have some fun! This is your first opportunity to make a real impression on your guests. 

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