Choose an in-season bloom for your springtime wedding

If you’re getting married in March, April or May, you’re a lucky girl. Having a spring wedding is choosing a prime time for flowers. Some of the most lush and beautiful blooms pop up at this time of year. There is so much variety that picking an in-season bloom combination for your springtime wedding can be hard. Don’t panic, we’ve made a list of different flower combinations to showcase on your special day.

In-season bloom color combinations to match your springtime wedding:

Popular spring wedding flowers go from the all-time favorite peony to the iconic tulip, sweet peas, narcissi and ranunculus. These flowers come in a variety of colors to suit any wedding theme and you can choose whether to mix them up or go for one statement color.


  • Pastel shades

Spring is the perfect time for floral arrangements in shades of light pastels. For a delicate and soft bloom combination, you could mix: light blue hyacinths, muscari, freesias and cream or peach roses.


  • Golden lemon

If you’re going for a yellow color theme, combine gorgeous ranunculus bloom in bold yellow shades, craspedia and yellow roses with green foliage for subtle touches of silver, gray and green. This color combination will create a very fresh and invigorating look.

  • Rainbow bloom

Celebrate your wedding with a mixture of the most colorful in-season blooms. This flower combination is vibrant and playful with plenty of contrast given by green foliage. To get that spring garden in bloom feeling, try playing with different variations of parrot tulips, cosmos flowers and clematis.


  • Cotton Candy

Combine roses, hydrangeas and carnations with fragrant spring blooms such as sweet peas and hyacinths. This color combination is contemporary and chic; the sober pink and cream color mix is perfect for a simple, elegant wedding in spring.


  • Bohemian Romance

We couldn’t leave the all-time favorite peony aside. For a romantic and delicate look, combine big loose light orange peonies with equally big roses in white and different shades of yellow and cream. Add thlaspi here and there to give your spring wedding an unusual, bohemian vibe. This color combination is the perfect mix of softness and texture.


  • Soft Rose

Roses are another all-time favorite wedding flower. They’ve always had romantic associations of love and romance. For a springtime wedding, choose rose bloom in soft peach and ivory and combine them with white calla lilies for a touch of elegance.


You’ll find plenty of in-season bloom combinations to bring color to your special day. As you’ve seen, some of the most popular spring wedding colors include pastels like lavender, soft pink, cool blue and yellow. But you can also pair pastels with bolder hues like dark burgundy or rich purple for a striking effect. Have fun choosing different bloom combinations and color palettes; springtime is the perfect time for that.