The pros and cons of planning a wedding on your own

It can be hard relinquishing control of planning your dream day to a wedding planner. However, planning a wedding on your own can be stressful. You could end up juggling too many balls and most likely dropping one or two of them along the way. Let’s look at the pros and cons of planning your own wedding.

It may not be necessary to employ a wedding planner if you are having a small gathering, and there are enough family and friends helping you with the organizing. If you’re trying to save money, it’s understandable why this may be the route that you decide to take. In this case delegation is key. It’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to do everything on your own, which can end up being extremely stressful. And let’s be honest, nobody wants to be around a stressed bride. The upside of having someone planning your day is that he/she will take care of the things that you don’t need to and probably don’t want to, and this will give you space to breath, so that you can really enjoy your special day when it finally arrives.

The pros of planning your own wedding:

  • If you’re a control freak having a person planning your day could be more stressful than not having one. Planning your own wedding means that somebody else won’t be able to hijack your day with their ideas, and there’s no need to check in with anybody.

  • You can’t be talked into things you never wanted to do in the first place. This is particularly helpful for people who struggle to say no.

  • The wedding will have your uniquely personal touch. There are also plenty of creative DIY ideas to inspire you on Pinterest.

  • You can eliminate one major expense from your list.

  • There isn’t the risk that you will feel detached from the day. 

The pros of having a wedding planner:

  • Having a person planning your day means that you can focus on the details that you would like to have control over, without the added stress of worrying about the cogs in the wedding wheel.

  • You won’t have to worry about the details of optimizing your budget. 

  • Having a wedding planner will save you time, which means that you will have more time for the things that you enjoy doing, like spending time browsing the internet for ideas that inspire you. Otherwise, you may waste time doing tasks that somebody else can do. They could even be faster and more efficient than you are

  • You will have someone else to inspire you with ideas that you may not even have considered, and at the same time you’ll have another person to bounce your ideas off.

  • A wedding planner will have compiled a list of vendors. They have already networked within the industry, so they should be accomplished at negotiating a good deal. Without a wedding planner you will have to compile your own list of vendors, and you’ll probably spend a lot of time researching quality products and service excellence.  You won’t have the insider knowledge that a wedding planner would have or get the discounts that you couldn’t have got on your own. 

  • Planning your big day gets frenetic and there are a lot of emotional aspects to handle too. Often weddings include family drama. It’s much harder to be level-headed with so much going on. Your wedding planner won’t be as emotionally connected as you are, and therefore will be geared to handle situations rationally, without getting emotionally involved.

  • If something goes wrong, you’re not responsible for sorting it out. This will help you feel more relaxed on your day.

Your wedding should be a day to remember, but not because it almost killed you. You need to be flexible; life happens and it’s not always what one had in mind. Having a team is non-negotiable, having a great wedding planner is an added bonus. Make sure that you have got your priorities straight. Take the pressure off!