Bridemaids gifts: 5 unique ideas

It takes a special group of bridesmaids to make your wedding journey, one you’ll always remember. They put up with all your ‘bridezilla’ moments and help you plan, organize and share in your special day. Thank your faithful go-to girls for all their help throughout the last months, weeks, days, and minutes leading up to the wedding, with these 5 unique bridesmaids gifts. From DIY to just plain fun, these gift ideas are guaranteed use after the wedding. We promise.

  • Custom illustration:

You can't get more personal bridesmaids gifts as an illustration print of yourselves (bride and bridesmaids together in your wedding attire). If you have the skills, you can illustrate your own portrait or commission an artist that suits your style to do it. A good idea is to contact a fashion illustrator and ask to customize details like clothing, accessories, colors and hairstyles.

  • ‘Bride team’ matching something:

What's a bridal party without matching t-shirts, sweatshirts or jackets? Decide a cool garment on a style you all like. Buy ones with words on them already, or customize them yourself using embroidery, heat-transfer printing, or affixable letters. How about some empowering words for women you can all share?

  • Fun hip flask:

Why wait until the reception for a friendly tequila toast when you and your bridesmaids could use a little liquid courage earlier in the day? These are the perfect bridesmaids gifts to keep your team calm and with a smile in their face. A good idea is to personalize each one with their name. Your bridesmaids can enjoy having a drink at your wedding reception, but they’re also sure to enjoy using them after the wedding.

  • Gemstone earrings:

Give you girls unique bridesmaids gifts with handmade jewelry that's insanely easy and inexpensive to make. Find the gemstones you like the most, or personalize each gift according to color and meaning of the stones. Then simply glue them to a flat stud-earring post. Poke the finished earrings through a personalized card and secure by slipping on the ear nuts.

  • Beauty in a box:

Just because you want to gift your friends a spa day doesn’t mean you need to spend hundreds of dollars. How about a DIY spa kit? You can find plenty of tutorials that provide recipes and printables to help you put together a spa kit in a breeze. We suggest going for a body scrub (made with homemade sugar or salt and spooned into cute little canning jars), a lip balm (which you can also create from basic kitchen ingredients), plus, maybe a handful of gourmet chocolates? 

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