The best moment to use wedding sparklers at a wedding.

Wedding sparklers add to the ambiance of a wedding. They are a beautiful and festive addition to the celebration. The most common time to bring out the wedding sparklers is at the end of the night, as you send the bride and groom off into their future together. However; there are other times during the celebrations that can suit a sparkler moment just as well. Here are some ideas as to how and when wedding sparklers can be used on your big day. For the grand entrance, first dance, cutting of the cake or a memorable exit at your wedding.

Sparkler entrance or exit?

20-inch and 36-inch sparklers are ideal for a sparkler entrance or exit. The benefit of longer ones is that each guest only needs one sparkler as they burn for longer. They only need to be lit once and they have a long handle to hold. Get your guests to line up as you and your groom make your grand entrance into the wedding reception, or in a fairy-tale exit as you embark on your adventure together.

Light up the dance floor.

Make your first dance even more memorable by having your wedding guests and bridal party surround you with wedding sparklers. It’s best to use 36-inch sparklers, as they have a burn time long enough for most songs. 

Cutting the cake 

It is sometimes difficult to bring your guests together for the cutting of the wedding cake. It’s easy to catch your guests’ attention by lighting cake sparklers. They have a burning time of one minute, are one hundred per cent safe for indoor venues, and are virtually ash-less and smokeless.

Add a sparkle to your wedding photographs

Choose an experienced photographer, who knows which filters to use, to ensure that your wedding sparkler photographs work. They could end up being some of the most magical photographs of the evening. Ask your photographer to take some fun sparkler photographs with you and your bridal party. You should use 20-inch sparklers if you want to write sparkler messages.

Safety first

Use sparklers with good discretion. They are dangerous if used incorrectly, as they burn at 2,000 degrees and will burn flesh instantly. Make sure to purchase wedding sparklers which are made with a steel wire core. It’s also important to find out whether or not your wedding venue will allow them. If you are having an outdoor wedding, you need to take extra care as no one wants to start a forest fire on their big day.