Complementary colors to consider for your wedding

The colors of your wedding provide the backdrop for the most special day of your life. The flowers in your bouquet, the invitations, the bridesmaid dresses, the decor, the very mood of your day... Too much of the same colour doesn't work, too sharp a contrast doesn't work either... You need to find the perfect harmony of colors for your wedding. You will find this by exploring complementary colors.

What are complementary colors?

There are many detailed discussions on color theory out there, but simply put... Complementary colors are found opposite one another on the color wheel. While at face value these colors may seem to clash, they in fact come together to form a cohesive palette. Changing the colors tint or shade (making the colors lighter or darker) will shift the corresponding color as well.

One color will be your focus, with the complementary color supporting and offsetting it.

Here are some of our favourite complementary color schemes for a wedding

Lilac and Yellow

The combination of complementary colors lilac and yellow evoke a fresh happy summer feeling. By varying the depth of colors, you can support any theme from bold and modern to simple and pastoral.

Burgundy and Hunter Green

The rich warmth of burgundy and shades of hunter green create an amazing visual contrast to the whites of a formal indoor wedding or the rusticness of an outdoor wedding. These complementary colors are perfect for an autumn or winter wedding.

Blue and Apricot

A royal blue and apricot color scheme adds an elegance that would bring your fairytale wedding to life. On the other hand, soft pastel blues and peach keep things light and would bring elements of the ocean to a beach wedding.

Rose and Mint

Complementary colors rose and mint will bring a sense of the whimsical to your special day. Soft and romantic, these colors make for the perfect spring wedding palette.

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