Track you RSVPs and make sure who is attending to the wedding

You're getting married! Congratulations! We at Enjoy Flowers, love playing our part in your special day... Providing you with the perfect flowers for every aspect of your wedding within your theme and your budget. While we take care of your wedding flowers, there are many other things to do. Choosing the best way to manage your RSVP list should be one of your first tasks. 

Why is the RSVP list so important?

All the decisions you make for your special day, from the budget to the venue to the food choices to the flowers and table decor, stem from the number of guests you will have. Ensuring that people RSVP as fast and with as much information as possible will make all your planning that much simpler.

When should the RSVP date be?

Ideally your invitations should go out 3 months before your wedding. The RSVP date should be within 3 to 4 weeks of their receiving the invite. This will allow for plenty of time for guests to plan and budget for childcare, accommodation and travel.

RSVP Tracking

Traditionally, people RSVP’d with a pre-stamped card that came with the invitation. While this is still an option, it can make tracking your responses challenging. Paper invite design and printing can also be very costly.

The more modern approach is to create a wedding website or simply use online invitations and RSVP tools. The tools available online are often fully customizable to your theme and your budget!

Free RSVP Tool - RSVPify

RSVPify has a free offering that covers all the basics for your smaller wedding (under 100 guests). With no cost to you, you can have a customizable URL, event page and confirmation page. Other free features include sending email reminders, meal preferences and free collection of payments, gifts or donations (processing fees apply).

You can upgrade with a once-off fee from $29. This allows for weddings with over 100 guests and gives access to features like drag-and-drop seating arrangements.

Budget Friendly RSVP Tool - My Wedding Online

A single place to create a beautiful wedding website with full RSVP functionality. From only $9 per month for the Silver package to $23 for the Platinum premium package, you get great value for budget. Pre-designed themes and backgrounds, custom photo gallery options and the ability to put a YouTube video on your Homepage come standard.

Premium RSVP Tool - Glö Websites

A Glö wedding website is almost like having a personal wedding planner. There is no add-on you can think of that they don't offer. The template you select will allow you to coordinate your wedding website, online invitations and print invitations for less tech savvy guests. The Light package is only $19.99 per month, but to get the full experience, go with the Intimate package ($29.99 per month) or the Large Celebration ($34.99 per month).

You should be focusing on making your dream wedding a reality... Use the experts and tools at your disposal to deal with the admin.