Rainy day at your wedding, learn why you should enjoy it

Any bride, regardless of their tastes, the color of the dress, the type of ceremony, the hairstyle, the decoration, the chosen place, the size of the diamond, the rite or any other variable you can imagine, does not expect to get wed on a rainy day

Remember that no matter how much planning has gone into your wedding, even if it is summer or spring, you can never be sure whether it will rain or not.

For this reason, we recommend that you remain calm. Learn to take advantage of getting wed on a rainy day so that you do not allow the party to run out. Here are some good reasons that will make you remember that rainy day happily: 

How to Enjoy a Rainy day Wedding

  1. Romanticism. 

Begin by taking into account that a rainy wedding can create a romantic atmosphere. Choosing to get married in spring to avoid a rainy day wedding isn’t the best idea after all.

2. Memories.

Your wedding photographs will be much more creative. You just have to ask your photographer to take advantage of the weather conditions. His creativity could make that he take the most spectacular photos of your life.

3. Bode well.

In case you did not know, the belief in Central American countries such as Mexico and Guatemala is that waterborne weddings are a good omen for the bride and groom. This is because, in these cultures, the drops symbolize happiness, joy, and abundance. 

4. Live flowers.

As for the decoration, do not worry about it; contrary to what you think, the rain can make it look much better. Consider that the water that falls on the flowers will make them look much fresher and more beautiful and, in passing, will prevent heat from wilting.

5. Prettier.

If what anguishes you is your makeup, a cloudy or rainy day will help you to keep it intact because you will not sweat or be in contact with moisture. It will not run, and even less, you will have shine on your face during the ceremony or reception.