Don’t forget to add some mojo to your wedding nails.

There are so many smaller details to take care of at a wedding, but make sure that you don’t forget your wedding nails. They should look as fabulous as you do. 

You can choose a style to match your unique personality: extravagant, minimalist, classic etc. Traditional pale wedding nails is a thing of the past. There are more creative ways to decorate them, from simple nail designs to more sophisticated ones. Here are some wedding nails trends for 2019:

White nails with a sparkly pearl accent nail

White nails go with any nail art. You can make any pattern in any color and it will look gorgeous with the white. Pearls often make an appearance at a wedding, either on the wedding gown or as part of the bride’s jewelry. The pearl on the accent nail can also be combined with crystals.


White and pink ombre bridal nails are definitely in. Choose the color and shade of your nail polish to match your wedding dress. 

Glam French manicure

These wedding nails have the classic white tips and nude nail color of a French manicure. One of the two accent nails is decorated with gems along the cuticle, and the other is decorated with a chic white pattern of your choice.

French manicure meets modern ombre

Combine the classic French manicure with modern ombre. You could also have one accent nail which is completely embellished in glitter or gems. 

Glitter stripes

Jazz up your white nails with silver or gold glitter stripes. The effect is simply glamorous. Instead of putting a stripe down each nail, you could have two accent nails on each hand; one with a stripe down, and one which is completely covered in glitter.

Chic and sparkly

A classic wedding nail style with a twist. The accent nails are a subtle nude color with glitter along the cuticle, in a crescent shape. The other nails are plain white. You could also use rhinestones to accent one nail on each hand.

Elegant matte nails

White matte nails are elegant and understated. You could add a touch of color and gold accents. 


Nude nails with gentle flowers and leaves are delicate and elegant.


A silver chrome triangle, where the halfmoon usually is, on an ethereal dove grey, is very trendy and perfect for a wedding.