Tea party: the perfect option for a wedding shower

So, you have finally decided to say goodbye to your bachelorhood? Then you need a night with your friends - you know, one of those where you can let your hair down, forget everything and dance until dawn. Or maybe you prefer something quieter and fancy. A tea party is perfect to have a nice time, open presents and receive advice for your future marriage. Or why not have both options: a bachelorette party and a bridal shower?

If you like the idea of ​​having a bridal shower, a very elegant and chic option is to organize a meeting in the pure English style: with tea, cupcakes and many gifts. It doesn't sound bad at all, right? Keep reading to get some ideas.

An all English Tea party!

A tea party is an English tradition that dates back several centuries. The women of the upper class put on their best dresses and visited their friends' houses to have tea and talk. There were tea houses that organized these evening meetings, but for a long time these public events were exclusive to men.

Typically, a tea party begins between 4 and 5 in the afternoon.

How to decorate?

If you are going to throw a tea party, it is recommended that you get elegant and feminine ceramic tableware. This will give a unique touch to your event! Look for the predominant pastel tones: decorate with vintage-style tablecloths, colorful flowers and place centerpieces with garden roses. You can recycle aluminum tea boxes to give an original touch to the decoration.

Colored cupcakes are an indispensable part of the ornamentation: place them on towers or in aluminum trays.

But enjoying a tea party isn’t just about the tableware, the food, and the décor, is it? The people that you invite are also pretty important in this regard. Having your closest friends with you is the icing on the cake. A nice party discussing what you’re going to do on your big day and how your life will change is certainly something you will miss after the wedding.

Choosing the best flowers is certainly something you can’t miss out on. The flowers act as a source of beauty and can create an ambiance with their fragrance that can help you enjoy the tea party even more. You can get some the best flowers in town from Enjoy Flowers and make your tea party, UNFORGETTABLE!