How to share with family and friends your wedding photo gallery

You are probably planning on hiring someone to do all the wedding photography and capture all the amazing moments of your big day. But nowadays, in this technology-driven reality, everyone will have their own photo gallery of your wedding in his or her phones. 

How do you get to share with everyone? Not only the professional photographs but also, all those amazing snaps and videos your guests took with their phones. It can get tricky to gather all these photos in one place to share with friends and family. So, we’ve put together 4 easy ways to do it.

  1. Social media
  • Hashtags: There will always be more traditional ways to share your photos online, but creating a wedding hashtag is a good idea. Wedding hashtags have become a must in today’s wedding world. It’s a simple way for anyone who takes pictures during the event to share them with the bride and groom and any other guest with a social media account.
  • Facebook: Being so widely used by people of all ages, this is a good option to share your wedding photo gallery. Unlike hashtags, your photos will remain private if you like so. There is a ‘Shared Album’ feature that allows you to invite guests so they can add photos directly to it. 

  1. Photo sharing apps

The purpose of photo sharing apps is to make gathering and sharing wedding photos online painless. They allow users to easily share all their footage in one easy-to-access folder. Only the bride, groom, and guests with a link can access the photo gallery. Some are free and some might cost a couple of dollars depending on the different features they offer.

  1. Your own wedding website

Couples are using more and more this website modality. They are great for helping your guests find out more about your wedding, the venue details, and also: get access to the photos! Usually, this is a free feature and it comes within your website pack. You can upload and share the photos you want. Besides, your guests likely already have a link to the website. So, once uploaded, they can easily access the photo gallery.

  1. File-sharing platforms
  • Google drive: 

Call me old-fashioned but this is my favorite way of sharing photos, files or any other media. You can create a wedding photo gallery folder and even subfolders to separate the photos into categories. Also, you can give access to family and friends with a single link. This way, you can share your photos and also invite your guests to share any other ones they captured.

  • Dropbox:

It works just as easy and straightforward as Google drive. You can create a folder (or several folders), add your photos and invite your friends and family via email. Your guests can edit the folder, download and upload any photo they want.