Learn how to make a pinata, the perfect element for a bachelorette party

There are a few pre-wedding events that according to tradition, are supposed to be planned by other members of the wedding party. Usually, family, close friends, and bridesmaids are the ones chosen for the job. However, traditions are sometimes meant to be broken, right? Why not plan your own bachelorette party and make all the arrangements yourself. Start by making your own pinata with this easy step-by-step tutorial.

  1. Decide shape and theme:

Since we’re celebrating love (between you and your husband-to-be of course, but also you and your bachelorette party guests), we’ll make a heart-shaped pinata. However, you can do a pinata in the shape of almost anything.

What would make you happy? Do you have some quirk or passion you can play off of? Think about the guests at the party, you can make a pinata that reflects everyone’s shared bond or an inside joke. Whatever shape or theme you choose, the number one goal is to have as much fun as possible.

  1. Buy or make the base shape:

Use a Mylar balloon in the shape of a heart as your base. You can find this almost anywhere these days. Don’t mind the color.

  1. Make a papier-mâché paste:

Choose any papier-mâché paste recipe and make it in a glass or metal bowl. Cut plenty strips of newspaper (enough to cover your base shape 4 times).

  1. Cover the base shape:

Lay the strips directly onto the balloon and spray the papier-mâché paste using a brush. Cover the heart with 3-4 layers. Allow each layer to dry completely before applying the next one. Make sure you leave a hole on either side free of strips or glue.

  1. Remove the balloon:

Once it’s dry, pop the balloon and remove it through the hole you left. This is also where you are going to fill in your pinata.

  1. Decorate your pinata:

Before you start decorating, cover the heart with a stain-sealing primer to prevent the newsprint from bleeding through the paint. Then, paint your pinata with bright colorful designs. We recommend using a glitter blast spray paint to add a sparkling, fancy touch. Do two coats to completely cover the white primer.

  1. Make holes to hang it:

To hang your pinata poke four small holes spaced around the hole you left untouched before. Thread a piece of string through each hole and tie them together at the top. Cover the holes and secure them using masking tape. Tie a longer string onto these and use it to hang your pinata.

  1. Fill in your pinata with all the fun stuff!

By far the best part, give your standard pinata a grownup twist. Put some confetti, chocolate and small plastic bottles of liquor inside. Also, add anything that’ll make your girlfriends remember why you’re the best. Add some tea bags, photos of you, bracelets and why not some kinky, funny stuff to get your girls laughing and the party going.