Women’s lingerie for the wedding night

For your wedding night and honeymoon, there’s nothing more special than some new and sexy women’s lingerie items. If wearing fancy undergarments isn’t your thing, we get you. But give yourself the chance for one night to be surprised on how good it feels to slip into one of these. From sweet to sultry, there’s one for every taste and type of body. 


We’ve made a list on the most popular types of lingerie, and how to wear them for your first night together as a married couple.


  • Bodysuit:

This is one-piece lingerie also known as teddy. It’s like a bathing suit but not exactly for swimming. Bodysuits are the perfect item for a special occasion, and one of the sexiest undergarments you can have. You can get them in different fabrics like satin, lycra and lace and in different color combinations. 


  • Bralette:

This is a bra without underwire or structure whatsoever. Since they don’t offer much support, women with small breasts often prefer them. You can mix and match your bralette with any other second piece of women’s lingerie as underwear.


  • Garter Belt:

Although it might seem complicated, a garter belt is simply a suspender belt with clips that hold your stockings thigh-high. You can pair it with a corset, bodysuit or almost any type of women’s lingerie


  • Corsets:

Corsets are usually associated with helping you slim your waist size and smooth the appearance of the torso. But a wedding night corset is not about this. We recommend going for something comfortable that’ll offer you a flattering look and help you enhance your figure, without boning or painful items. Look for a corset with cute details like lace or satin straps. Also, think about wearing it on its own or covering it up with a transparent dress to make it more mysterious.


  • Bustiers:

This is a women’s lingerie style that accentuates your cleavage and flatters your waste. It is not very different from a corset, except bustiers focus on uplifting your breasts. It works a bit like a push-up bra and it usually covers all, or most of the torso. Go white for a bridal look or black and red for a sultry style.


  • Cami and short:

A camisole is a lingerie tank top. It’s a practical and comfy choice of lingerie. However, you can fancy it up for your wedding night or honeymoon by choosing the right fabric and colors. Go for a silky or satin fabric to accentuate a luxe and chic vibe. Also, pair the cami with lingerie short-shorts of the same fabric.