How to make your wedding makeup last longer

Here are some important tips and tricks to help you make your wedding makeup last longer. 

No one wants their mascara running down their cheeks or their foundation melting. Keep your makeup looking fresh for your photographs and long into the night.

Before the wedding day

  • Preparing your skin before the wedding is essential. Exfoliate at least twice a week, cleanse regularly, tone and moisturize with the correct moisturizer for your skin type.

On the wedding day

  • You will need to prime your face and eyes as this will create a barrier, smoothing the surface of your skin.  It’s best to use an oil-free, water-based primer.  

  • Apply an oil-free foundation and then layer your foundation with a matching powder. Apply your makeup sparingly, and build it up in light layers using a beauty blender. Avoid caking your face with makeup. Your groom wants to say ‘I do’ to the face he knows and loves. 

  • Apply waterproof eyeliner and mascara so that you can afford to shed a tear at the matrimonial altar.

  • For a long-lasting creamy blusher, mix a matt liquid lipstick to primer in equal parts. Add more primer to dilute the color.

  • For the perfectly kissable pout, apply your lipstick in layers. Start by applying a layer of lipstick and then blot it with a tissue. Dust your lips with a layer of translucent powder and then apply another layer of lipstick. Do this until you get achieve the look that you want.

  • Make your wedding makeup last longer by using a translucent setting powder to soak up the remaining oil.

  • Use a setting spray to seal in the freshness of your makeup. It will mattify and hydrate your skin, and will also provide a glow.

  • Find an alternative to blotting paper to soak up extra oil on your skin. 

  • One of your bridesmaids needs to carry around a touch-up kit with your wedding makeup essentials in it; lipstick and a lightweight powder for example.

Ensuring that your wedding makeup has been applied well will allow you to enjoy your day without unnecessary makeup woes.