How to choose the perfect cocktail for your wedding

When catering for your wedding reception, how do you choose the perfect cocktail? Here are some points to consider: the time of year, the time of day, the budget, and the theme of your wedding.

In the warmer months any cocktail will do, and the lighter and more refreshing the better.  Prosecco works well as a base. Aperol spritz is an Italian wine-based cocktail, which is simple and refreshing. A punch – sweet and sour blackberry punch for example – or Sangria is ideal for afternoon and evening wedding receptions. Mimosas make a great summer cocktail too. A Kir Royal, with Crème de Cassis and topped with Champagne (or a sparkling wine which fits in your budget),  is best served in a flute glass. A Mojito with a twist – using champagne instead of soda – is a classic. For an uncomplicated gin-based cocktail try a southern bride –  gin, grapefruit juice and maraschino liqueur.

In the cooler months you could look at a hot cocktail, like a Cinnamon Stick Cider or a Boozy Mexican Hot Chocolate. A Gingerbread Martini, garnished with a twist of orange, could also do the trick.

If you are going to organize your own drinks, it’s best to keep your cocktails relatively simple. The type of cocktails that you choose for your wedding will also obviously depend on your wedding budget. Buying your own alcohol, rather than relying on a bar to supply it, may work out cheaper, and you’ll have more control over the quality of the alcohol that you use. Some venues will have a bar, in which case you may pay a fee to bring your own alcohol. When catering for your wedding reception, Invest in decent alcohol. There is no need to buy top of the range though. It’s best to choose seasonal fruits for garnishing as this will also work out cheaper.

On an eco-friendly note, avoid plastic straws as they are a hazard to the environment. Bamboo works well as an alternative.

It’s important to consider your theme and décor when choosing s signature cocktail for your wedding. You could choose your cocktail base on your color scheme.