Best materials for wedding bands

There are so many different types of wedding bands to choose from these days. It’s important to consider your individual lifestyle habits when choosing a material for your wedding bands. You may need to consider hypoallergenic materials if either of you have allergic reactions to certain metals. Your budget will also be a deciding factor.

Classic metals

Yellow-gold wedding bands are traditional and won’t go out of fashion. They are the most expensive material that you could choose. Other metals are added to gold to make it more wearable and durable. Gold is alloyed with white metals like nickel and palladium to whiten the gold. Rose gold is gold mixed with copper, and green gold is when silver is added to gold. Sterling silver and bronze are more affordable.

Contemporary metals

All contemporary metals are hypoallergenic. The strongest metals are titanium and cobalt chrome. They are also reasonably scratch-resistant, and can be polished if necessary. Tungsten is the most scratch-resistant contemporary ring metal; however, it can shatter completely when dropped. Wedding bands made of contemporary metals cannot be resized. If you’re looking for rings which can be resized, Palladium wedding bands are a good option. They are also hypoallergenic and durable, but they scratch easily. Ceramic bands are affordable and extremely scratch-resistant, but they can shatter when dropped.

Wooden rings

Wooden rings are exotic and very affordable. They are also hypoallergenic and can be made entirely of wood or another metal with a wood inlay, like black walnut or mahogany inlaid in a Tungsten or ceramic wedding band. Other materials, like precious metals or diamonds, can also be incorporated. For an eco-friendly option, your bands can be made from salvaged wood or wood which is sourced sustainably. On the flip side, wooden wedding bands cannot be resized and they should be kept away from water. 

Other unusual wedding bands

Qalo silicone are perfect for a couple leading a more active lifestyle. There are many different styles and colors to choose from and they are probably the most affordable wedding bands

You may decide as a couple to get matching wedding bands or to have unique bands made from different materials, depending on how masculine or feminine you find them. Whatever you choose make sure that it lasts the test of time.