A buffet menu, the best way to spend less money on the reception

Mindful planning is the cornerstone of a budget friendly wedding reception. With food being one of those key areas to consider when striving to save resources, a buffet setting is a stellar option.

This style of food is a great option for offering variety without breaking the bank. You can come up with a diverse selection of proteins and sides that run on the low cost side, while making your guests feel they have plenty of choices. 

It is also an easy way to take care of food restrictions for your loved ones, such as allergies or special diets.

This type of meal does not have to pale in comparison to a traditional plated, sit-down dinner. Follow these tips to make your buffet reception hit a home run with your guests.

The buffet style for you

When deciding on the best buffet layout for your reception, it is all about organization. You can go for the classic all-in-one table setting, just make sure you have enough staff to avoid lengthy lines. You do not want to keep your guests on their feet for too long (unless it is for dancing!). 

On the other hand, different food stations are very in trend right now. Not only do they make people circulate around the venue, they also can help them easily locate the type of food they want (a salad station, an entrée station, a protein station, etc.). For further savings, go for food options that do not need a server other than the guests themselves.

More perks of a buffet choice

As mentioned before, a buffet generally allows for fewer servers. This makes it both finance aware and convenient concerning the logistics for your reception. It also encourages interaction and conversation between guests, bringing a friendly, close atmosphere to your wedding day.

If you are going for a themed reception, a buffet can be a finishing touch on your desired ambiance. Laid-back couples include snack and sweets stations in their buffets. Others show their unique spirit with local cuisine options or exotic food stations.

One last thought

Keep in mind that choosing a buffet type of setting could mean you need a venue that does not require you to use their in-house catering. 


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