DIY bridal shower invitations

Your bridal shower is the perfect expression of love and friendship between you and your bridesmaids, so it should be an event to remember! Make the occasion your own (without breaking the bank!) with original, custom bridal shower invitations made by you.

Get ready for some great advice on how to create mind blowing invitations in line with your abilities and needs.

Hands-on DIY bridal shower invitations 

Doing it yourself does not necessarily require mad skills to achieve incredible results. Decide on what type of DIY you are most comfortable with and make it happen!

Are you a crafty kind of bride? Go all out and make them manually. For a budget friendly approach, choose a style of invitation that allows for fewer resources. For example, use solid color paper as a base and then create statement accents like shapes or lines with patterned paper.

Add details at a low cost with a paper punch. You can also line the inside of your envelopes (if you are using those) with colorful or patterned paper.

A digital kind of gal

If you are unsure about doing them by hand or do not have the time to put into it, go digital. There are plenty of sites out there to accommodate your needs. You can either download editable, printable templates or ditch physical bridal shower invitations altogether and choose online ones to send out via e-mail.

Etsy is a well-known site for original products, where you can find beautiful designs to wow your bridesmaids with. Printable Market offers some free options as well for PDF templates.

For digital invitations (print or online), pick readable fonts. While there are tons of gorgeous calligraphy fonts, some of them are not ideal if used in small sized texts.

Message is key 

Great form falls short for impact if the message is not clear. Bridal shower invitations should not be too long, in order to have everyone invited on the same page. When composing yours, remember the basics:

  • Who is summoning?
  • What is being celebrated?
  • When is it happening (date and time)?
  • Where will it take place?
  • How should the guests be dressed? Although bridal showers are usually an informal affair, you can keep anyone from feeling out of place in this area.

Finally, state what the RSVP method for your get-together will be. If your bridesmaids and friends are receiving physical bridal shower invitations, a phone call is a simple way to confirm attendance. If you decided on digital, have them reply to your e-mail message.

Last but not least, have fun!


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