Styles of ribbons for your flowers

When we are looking for a perfect bouquet, it’s true that we say ‘ok!’ for any sort of ribbon that the attendant shows us. From now on, you will learn a bit more about this topic. Why is that important? Because sometimes the key to beauty is the ribbon. Check it out with us.




First of all, you got to have in mind what type of flower you will put in your bouquet. Why that? Dark flowers with a dark ribbon will make the bouquet a bit gothic. To break the dark color, you better choose colors like salmon, light blue or green, silver or even gold. On the contrary, if you are buying a bouquet with clear flowers, the best option is a dark ribbon. Navy blue, dark red or green and even gray are great options to it. There is a new trend about wedding bouquets, did you know? They wrap it up to the white flowers with a navy blue ribbon. Another option is stripped ribbons with white flowers. It gets a unique touch!




Silk, metallic, organdies… There are infinite options when we talk about material for ribbons. Organdies, for example, are the best option for wedding bouquets or something for a day. Silk is a great idea in any type of bouquet, but particularly for special occasions. Give a bouquet an elegant touch. Metallic is a good option for a bouquet for a young person. This will give a cute touch and, at the same time, a modern touch. Natural fibers are also another option. This type of fabric can fit in any type of flower and any type of bouquet. You can wrap around, make a lace, put two types of colors of the same material together… There are many ways to try on until finding the right ribbon for your bouquet.




The size of your ribbon has to go proportionally with the size of your bouquet. If you have a bouquet with a few flowers, your ribbon has to be small. With an abundant bouquet, it has to be a longer ribbon. Usually, the classic size is between 1.5 inches to 2.5 inches. However, there are some people who want to give a unique touch to the bouquet and use 5 inches of ribbon. Like that, you can also make a lace on it. You can also use two types of ribbons and wrap them around together, making a colorful and exclusive bouquet.


Dark, light, long, short… There are many types of flowers. And also many types of ribbons. You just have to find the right match and that’s it! We hope we helped you with our tips!