Guide to pick your perfect seasonal wedding flowers

If you’re looking to have dashing displays of wedding flowers and stay on budget,
seasonal flowers are your best allies. According to Jeff Leatham, florist to the stars,
“brides have favourite flowers but sometimes they are not in season, so it’s
important to be realistic.” Take advantage of the blooming season and save some
money while turning you celebration into a beautiful and natural scenario.



This time of the year offers the perfect scenario to have a romantic and classy
wedding. Between the snow, the beautiful shades of color and the festivities,
flowers are the best allies to create a winter wonderland and celebrate love.

Anemones go back to the Greek mythology and symbolize love and luck. It’s
perfect for a winter wedding and can give a romantic and elegant look to your
wedding flowers.
Dusty millers are vey soft leaves that work perfectly with the rest of the
arrangement. Also, they are very resistant to this time of the year.
Berries are a great touch to make arrangements even more vibrant, especially in
this time of the year.


Spring and the blossom time

What comes to mind when you think about spring? Pastel colors? Flowers? Well,
this time it’s perfect to mix everything up and bring tons of color, textures and
nature into your wedding flowers.

Tulips are a symbol of love and prosperity. The
secret is to pick a vibrant color than resembles the
blooming of this time and brings light to your

Lilacs are the perfect combination to have one of
the kind wedding flowers. Plus, by this time, you
won’t have any trouble to get them since they are
in blooming season.


Summer time!

If you have chosen summer to tight the knot, your wedding is going to be as vibrant
as it can get. By this time of the year you will have incalculable options to create
beautiful bouquets, centerpieces, flowers garlands and more.

Peonies are large flowers with delicate ruffled petals,
which make them super feminine and classic.
Sweet peas have a beautiful scent and they come in
a great variety of colors like in this beautiful flower
Ranunculus is a flower characterized by wonderful
ruffled petals and almost perfect shape.

Wedding flowers for autumn

This beautiful season brings tons of rich colors and a fresh vibe that is very
appealing for weddings. So, take advantage of the great weather and the variety of
flowers that bloom at this time of the year.

Dahlias are perfect to create an eye-catching bouquet on their own, but if you add
some other variety to the mix, you’ll have a breathtaking piece.

From red and pink to lovely shades of blue and purple, hydrangeas will
complement your wedding flowers perfectly and bring a magnificent rage of color to your arrangement.

Amaryllis add drama to any floral bouquet. They have huge blooms with ruffled
petals that make them classy and elegant and even more fascinating.



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