Garland ideas for decorating your wedding

If you are looking for a decor inspiration for your bash, just keep reading because we have some great garland ideas for you. So, no matter what type of wedding you’re having, this incredible resource works perfectly with both indoors and outdoors and adapts to any style you want your wedding to be. 

Greenery garlands

This type of decor is an elegant and affordable resource to combine with your flowers and the rest of the decoration details. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor ceremony, greenery garland works perfectly with flowers, candles, and many more.

For the ceremony, you can place the garland along the inside chairs to create a running aisle. Also, if you want, you can add candles to make it even more romantic.

It works perfectly with rectangular or long tables, as centerpieces. Also, you can use roses to add more color.

Fresh flowers

Decorations with flowers are perfect and sophisticated to light up both the ceremony and the reception. If you have decided to go with flowers, here are some ideas to create a perfect setting.

For the ceremony, you can use the flowers and the greenery together to make a natural wedding arch. 

Aditionally, you can create a curtain straining roses or daisies from the arch. You can pick a single color or you can mix it up to make it more colorful.

DIY: paper garlands

Using paper to create garland is a great idea, beautiful, affordable and chic, to decor your reception while giving a personal touch to the party. 

Paper cranes are considered a symbol of love according to the Japanese culture. So, it’s a beautiful idea to fill your reception with tons of cranes hanging from the ceiling. 

If you are not into origami, you can do some handiwork and cut out some paper flags. Just pick the color according to your wedding color scheme and place them over the tables or near the entrance to the reception. 

Time to light your wedding!

This element is not only essential to run your wedding but is also super important to spotlight the main events. When it comes to decorations, light garlands are perfect to transform any space into a fairytale. 

You can use this garland above the spaces you want to highlight. For example, imagine a ceiling of bulbs lighting over the dinner table while creating a beautiful starry sky.

You can use candles, jars, chandeliers, lanterns and many other artifacts to decor the dinner tables. If you are going for an outdoor wedding, pick tall vases to organize a beautiful display of candles.

For the bouquet: flowers or garlands?

The answer is both. You can arrange a great bouquet with fresh flowers and garland to make simple a beautiful. According to Christine Boulton of Branching Out Chicago, “Giant greenery with two to six amazing blooms, such as garden roses, peonies, and protea, are what brides will be carrying in 2019.”  



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