Fall in love with an autumnal wedding

Fall is a gorgeous time of year to get married. This season is marked by rich hues and hearty seasonal flavors. It’s easy to find inspiration for wedding décor and the autumnal palette gives you plenty of room to play with a more traditional color scheme, or something a little more daring. 

Here are some reasons to cause you to fall in love with the idea of an autumnal wedding.

Glorious weather

The weather during fall is mild and predictable. Your guests won’t over-heat and your make-up won’t melt. Because of low humidity you won’t have a bad hair day either. You don’t have to be restricted to only light fabrics. Satins, heavy silks, taffeta, or elaborate lace are all fabric options. You can wear a classic style long sleeved dress

or a pretty shawl. You might even slip into a pair of boots. 

Fall decorations

Make the most of the incredible natural textures and colors of fall. There are plenty of clever DIY décor ideas available on the internet. It’s easy to carry an autumnal thread through every element in your wedding. Autumnal accents throughout the wedding could include miniature pumpkins, branches, leaves, and other treasures from the forest. Embrace the deep hues of this season. Burnt orange, rich reds, golden yellow and vibrant greens provide a more classic palette, while aubergine and lush maroon could be another take on the season. Some brides prefer a white and grey color scheme for a fall wedding. Run with the vibrant fall color scheme for the bridesmaids’ dresses and accessories.

Floral extravagance

If your budget allows, fall is the right time for large floral arches, oversized bouquets and mossy table runners. Due to the cooler weather there is plenty of room for extravagant floral styling without the risk of the flowers wilting. Bouquets and centerpieces can also be filled with pinecones, bare twigs, miniature pumpkins, acorns, apples and berries. They are inexpensive and work beautifully. There are a wide variety of in-season flowers available: Calla lilies, Dahlias, and Gardenias. Autumn bouquets can be more structured than a looser summer or spring bouquet. 

What’s on the menu

It’s time to sip mulled wine or apple cider next to a cozy fireplace. Come up with a menu which heroes in-season ingredients. A fall menu can be a heartier menu. Browse Pinterest for ideas on dishes and drinks associated with fall. Incorporate the seasonal produce, like pumpkin and apples, in the catering. You can’t go wrong with comfort foods like pumpkin soup for an appetizer or apple pie for dessert. You can also find ideas for fall-inspired wedding cakes.


There are no conflicting festivals at this time. It’s therefore more likely that your guests can make your wedding without having to work around their summer vacations in order to attend. 


It’s the ideal time for an outdoor wedding because the scenery is gorgeous. Fall lighting is also less harsh at midday, which means that you have more flexibility when it comes to choosing a time for the ceremony. Changing foliage is the perfect backdrop for wedding photographs. The Bohemian or Vintage bride will stand out beautifully against the rustic colors of nature. Photographs can be more whimsically styled too. Fall wedding photography is full of romantic potential. 

Money saving 

There are off-season deals available on caterers and venues if you push your wedding to late fall. A lot more venues should be available at this time, compared to other seasons. Having your wedding early to mid-autumn gives you great outdoor possibilities too. If you’re thinking of a destination wedding, to Europe for example, then travel is a lot cheaper at this time of year seeing as summer vacation is over.

These are just some of the reasons to fall in love with a wedding at this time of year.