Affordable groomsmen gift options to express your gratitude

Here are some suggestions for affordable groomsmen gift options. You could choose a classic item inscribed with the date of the wedding and the initials, or names, of the bride and groom. You could also take a more lighthearted approach and write something more playful on a less classic item. Let’s look at some groomsmen gift ideas:

1. Something for the pocket

How about giving the groomsmen something pocket-sized, which can be used every day?  Perhaps a personalized pen, pocket knife, or zippo lighter; you can never go wrong with a practical gadget for the groomsmen gift.

2. Something for the bar

Alcohol is a popular option, as are bar accessories. Why not give each of your groomsmen a signature bottle of wine, whiskey, or another alcohol that might tickle their fancy. Personalized shot glasses, beer mugs, bottle openers or beer glass caddies are also something practical and meaningful.

3. Something to wear

Underwear labelled with ‘groomsman’ or ‘best man’ is a fun and more lighthearted idea. For a beach wedding you could kit out each groomsman with a pair of inscribed sunglasses or a hat. A pair of shoes, which can be worn as part of the groomsmen’s outfits, is also a practical and fun idea for the  groomsmen gift.

4. Something to hold your wares

You could make an essential item, like a toiletry bag – you could even add a shaving set to the toiletry bag ­– or a bifold wallet, more memorable by adding a special inscription. A hip flask may not be as essential, but it can be useful. It’s classic and works well as home décor too.

5. Something to enjoy in the moment

For the less sentimental types an edible item ­– like fancy chocolate truffles ­– will do the trick. Make it scrumptious and it’s sure to stick in the memory bank.

6. Add a little class

If you’d prefer to give a classy gift, and you know that this is something that your groomsmen would appreciate, give each groom a pair of classic cufflinks or a smart tie.

Whatever you decide to bestow upon the groomsmen in a gesture of gratitude, make sure that it is heartfelt and unique. Give something practical and memorable.