Bridal party ideas to make it unforgettable

The bridal party is the time where the meaningful ladies in your life are supposed to shower you in love, gifts, tips, and good wishes. You could ask your bridesmaids to organize your bridal party for you, or you can take matters into you own hands. Either way, there will need to be a theme. Decorations, tasty treats, and fun and games will follow.

Here are some bridal party ideas:

  • A vintage chic theme with vintage décor and pastel hues.
  • Throw a couple’s party instead of only including the ladies.
  • Make it a black-tie event rather than the normal informal bridal party.
  • A foodie bride may want to organize a cooking class.
  • Flower power should energize a tired bride. Have a flower arranging class and make flower crowns together.
  • A garden party can be a lot of fun. Gifts could include gardening tools, especially if you’re a  bride who is an avid gardener.
  • Get pampered at a spa or create your own pampering session at home, if a spa is too expensive
  • Embrace the season by having a seasonal shower. Every season has its own flavor.
  • A movie-inspired event based on the bride’s favorite film.
  • A tea party always goes down well, especially one that has scones and cream.

  • A stock-the-bar-themed party for those who aren’t teetotalers. 
  • Set up a Mimosa bar and a photobooth.
  • A lot of bridal parties include a lot of alcohol and naughtiness. In this case gifts of sexy lingerie could be more fitting.
  • Ask your friends and family to write you marital advice on inexpensive wooden spoons. Tell them that you’re looking for a recipe for a good marriage.
  • Your friends and family could bring you a favorite recipe and useful item for your kitchen. There is a tradition where the guests give the bride a pound of something from their pantry.
  • A brunch shower with Mimosas and morning breakfast treats – including Champagne of course.
  • A literary shower where each guest brings the bride a beautifully bound book or a gift certificate to a bookstore.
  • A bed-and-bath bridal shower. Register at a department store beforehand, so that guests can purchase Linen, pillow cases, soaps and bath robes that you love.
  • A sport’s shower for the more active bride. Go and do something a little more daring and adventurous.
  • A destination shower for a bride with a travel bug. Presents could include items for your next journey. You could all go camping together.
  • A karaoke evening is a good way for the bride-to-be to let off steam.
  • A treasure hunt around town with different clues is a fun bridal party idea.
  • Get your bridesmaids to create a quiz so that you can see how well you know your groom. Let them interview your fiancé and show you a video of how well he knows you too.
  • A murder mystery game
  • Amazing race: Create a fun race based on the couple’s favorite places. Personalize the race

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