10 unnecessary things you don’t need at your wedding reception

When planning your wedding reception, it’s important to have your guests in mind, but most of your guests won’t notice the finer details which you have painstakingly deliberated over. Good food, decent music and enough alcohol is what your guests are really concerned about

Here are 10 things that you can cross off the to-do-list and your guests won’t be any the wiser. 

Use black boards instead of printing wedding place cards

Designated tables are a good idea, so that no guests feel shoved into a corner, but there is no need for individual place settings. Writing guests names, and even menus, on blackboards works just as well as printing them out.

Form follows function

Get rid of the frills. Your tablecloths need to be simple and functional and should blend in with your décor. Most guests won’t pay attention to your crockery or cutlery either, unless they’re trying to cut steak with a plastic knife and fork.

Lose the centerpieces

Table decorations add a lot to the look and feel of your wedding. Flowers, candles and bowls of fruit work well, but keep them simple and low. Nobody wants a bunch of flowers or a candelabra getting between them and the person that they’re trying to hold a conversation with. 

Do them a favor

Your guests don’t need to remember your wedding through a favor which has your names and your wedding date on it. They’re probably going to get rid of any knick-knacks you give them when they do their next clear out. Believe it or not, that favor may not even make it home. A photo booth is a much better idea, providing meaningful and long-lasting memories. You could also save the money that you would have spent on favors and spend it on a form of entertainment that your guests can enjoy at the wedding reception. These days it’s popular to have charitable wedding favors for your guests. 

They don’t give a toss

Tossing the bouquet is an archaic tradition which puts unmarried people on the spot. Rather have a big vase at the bridal table to keep your bouquet in, so that it will last longer, and you can give it to your mother to take home.

Don’t over-do it

There is no need for a choreographed first dance. If dancing is your thing then go ahead and blow your audience away. Otherwise, watch YouTube clips, or ask a friend to help you get some moves under your belt.  

The cake

A dessert table is delightfully sufficient. The table could include cupcakes, macaroons, and other mouth-watering confectionaries. You don’t need a fancy cake. If a wedding cake is an important element to have at your wedding, skip the dessert and let your wedding cake double up as dessert for your guests.

Lawn games

Lawn games are fun, but they are not absolutely necessary. Your guests will be busy socializing and eating canapes while sipping on wedding dew. Besides it’s a good idea to reserve their energy for the dance floor later in the evening.


Fireworks are a dramatic way to celebrate your big day, but rather dazzle your wedding guests with your radiant smile. Fireworks are expensive and they can be dangerous.

Planning a wedding is a very expensive affair and cutting costs is of utmost importance, especially if you’re trying to keep to a strict budget. Some traditions are also outdated and there is no point putting time and money into a wedding activity which carries no special meaning for you. The most important thing is that your wedding reception is memorable and is fun for you and your guests. Know what you like and eliminate the rest.


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