Unusual and cheap wedding venues you must take a look

Finding cheap wedding venues is usually the first thing on a couple’s wedding planner. The location is the hub of your wedding wheel. Every other element is going to revolve around the venue.


The cost of your wedding can vary greatly depending on the location that you choose. If you have a set budget that you need to follow, then finding a cost-effective ceremony and reception venue is key.


The average cost of a wedding in the United States is $29,858. Obviously, the cost of your wedding will depend on which state you decide to get married in. Getting married in New York (Manhattan) is going to be around seven times the price of a wedding in Mississippi, which is one of the cheapest states to get married in


The reception venue and the ceremony site are two of the most expensive features of your wedding.  Here are some tips on how to find a cheaper wedding venue.


Off-season perks

If you choose a wedding venue which is available off-season, you’ll be cutting costs.


Saturday is a no go

Don’t book your venue on a Saturday as this is the most sought after day and therefore the most expensive. Rather book the venue for a Friday or a Sunday.


Early bride

Morning is not everyone’s cup of tea, but choosing a morning venue will save on costs.



Decide what aspects are most important to you at your wedding venue. Are you more interested in a spectacular view or are your more concerned about your wedding menu?


Leave the big smoke

Prices are usually higher in the big cities, so try looking outside of the city; you’ll find more cheap wedding venues


Merge your venues

One venue for both your ceremony and reception works out cheaper. It’s also more convenient for your guests. This is a great idea when you are looking for cheap wedding venues


Brand spanking new

Find a venue which has recently opened as the cost to hire it will be cheaper than that of a well-known wedding venue.


Bring your own spirits to the party

Choose a venue that allows you to bring in your own liquor, wine and beer.


Cheap and unusual wedding venue ideas

Choosing a more traditional site — like a church — for your ceremony isn’t that expensive; black-tie venues become pricey though. However, a lot of couples these days are choosing less traditional sites, from a wedding in a tree house to a wedding in the theatre. The more unusual ceremony and reception locations could end up being more expensive, depending on how difficult it is to get your guests out there. Some non-traditional sites, like a public park or an art gallery, places that don’t generally host weddings, may be less expensive. Your reception venue rental is the second most expensive part of your reception, the catering being the number one cost. A BBQ in the backyard is a great way to celebrate your nuptials with those that you love, and you’ll be saving money for your honeymoon at the same time.