Try a couple’s massage on your honeymoon

You may be feeling tense after all the wedding planning and a couples massage is the perfect way for you to switch off completely and enter into honeymoon bliss. A couples massage is where you and your spouse have a massage in the same room, side-by-side, each with your own therapist. It is ideal for newlyweds on honeymoon as it is a very intimate experience. 

It’s important that you plan it together and decide what each of you feel comfortable with and would like to get out of the experience. Choose a massage that you’ll both enjoy and decide which amenities, if any, you’d like to be included in the experience. Both of you should be comfortable so that you can enjoy the experience fully. 

When to have your massage to maximize your relaxation

It’s best not to have a massage in the morning unless you’re planning on taking the entire day off. If you are planning on an active honeymoon, it’s advisable to have your massage after all the activity. 

Good things to know before having a massage.

  • Don’t eat a lot before your massage.
  • Shower beforehand.
  • Wear as little underwear as possible or no underwear at all. Some spas offer disposable underwear. An experienced therapist will have seen many different bodies and is not there to judge yours.
  • Although it is optional, most therapists expect to be tipped 15 to 20% of what the service actually costs.

How much can you expect to spend on a couples massage?

The price of a couples massage depends on the spa, the length of the massage, and the amenities that you choose as part of your package. Some spas offer access to facilities such as hot tubs and saunas. Other treatments such as body scrubs and pedicures are sometimes also included in the package. The cost of a couples massage is usually double the price of a regular massage, which is generally between $50 and $150 per session.

The different types of massages available for a couples massage

You are your partner can also choose whether you’d like the same or different treatments. Swedish massage and hot stone massage are commonly offered as an option for a couples massage; however, you can usually choose from a variety of massage options. 

Swedish massage is ideal for relaxation and for people new to massage. It should last between 60-90 minutes. A hot stone massage is usually more expensive than a Swedish massage but is also very relaxing and is perfect for relieving muscle tension.