Top 10 of bridesmaids duties

Most of us have probably been a bridesmaid at some point in our lives. Others have been a bridesmaid more times than they can count. Now it’s time to tie the knot and to find a band of women, whom you love and trust, to serve you and support you on your wedding day. So, what exactly should your bridesmaids be expected to do? As chief of your bride-tribe it’s important to delegate. Each member needs to know her role and the responsibilities which she carries and is expected to perform. There will always be that bridesmaid who is five steps ahead of everyone else, and has enough energy for the whole bridal party; however, some people need to be delegated to with specifics. Here are 10 ways that your bridesmaids can help you; before, during, and after your wedding.

Pre-wedding duties:

  • Keep on-top of things

Your bridesmaids need to be punctual and organized. Decide whether your bridesmaids’ dresses are included in your budget. If your bridesmaids are sourcing their own outfits, make sure they get them together long in advance – dress, shoes, and accessories.

  • Ready to serve 

They need to be prepared to jump in and give you and your fiancé a hand with planning-related tasks. You can ask them to help you search for vendors if there isn’t a wedding planner involved. Create a board on Pinterest and share it with your bridesmaids. Let them add their ideas to it. Their role is to support you and give you suggestions, not to take over. They should also be prepared to go wedding dress shopping with you if you need them to.

  • Pre-wedding celebrations

The bridesmaids’ duties involve helping the maid of honor plan and pay for the bridal shower and bachelorette. Ask your maid of honor to create a WhatsApp group for her and the bridesmaids. Rather don’t be involved as it will add to your stress. There are great free wedding apps and cost sharing apps like Split wise. They are also expected to be part of pre-wedding celebrations; the bridal shower, the bachelorette, the rehearsal dinner etc.

During the wedding


  • Mirror-mirror

Your bridesmaids should help you get dressed and look out for you throughout the wedding ceremony and reception. Their job is to make you, the bride, shine. You’re going to be so busy on the actual day that you need at least one of your bridesmaids to be your mirror. She should make sure that you look fantastic throughout your day. There shouldn’t be any spinach in your teeth. 

  • Fire brigade

They need to be ready to put out fires. They should remain calm and make sure that there’s an emergency kit – stain remover, needle, and thread, touch-up make-up, and dental floss – readily available. They also need to keep their cool and be aware that weddings are stressful. If you turn into Bridezilla – which hopefully won’t be the case – their role is to calm you down. Ask them to remind you that they are there to support you, but not to be shouted at by you.

  • Lunch box duty 

Somebody must make sure that you’ve eaten, and that there are snacks and plenty of water available for you. If there are going to be kids involved in the ceremony, ask one of your bridesmaids to keep an eye on them. They 

could carry some sweets as a bribe, just in case.

  • Emotional support at the altar

Ask them to be aware of their postures and to hold their bouquets low. They should wear a smile and carry enthusiasm at all times. Warn them that you may need a shoulder to cry on, as they stand with you at the altar, and that they should be ready to shed a tear with you.

  • Party catalysts

Your bridesmaids should mix and mingle with your family and friends, while you and your fiancé are having couple photographs taken. They are supposed to be the life and soul of your reception, and draw your guests onto the dance floor. Tell them to take initiative and to be the party catalysts.

After the wedding:

  • The send off

Your bridesmaids need to wave as you drive off into your new future as a couple. 

  • Let’s call it a wrap

When it’s time to call it a night, the bridesmaids are responsible for gathering the gifts and keeping them safe. Clean-up operations will probably be the day after the wedding, and they should be prepared to help out. You may choose to leave this duty in the hands of your wedding planner if you have one.