Qualities of a maid of honor

Maid of honor (MOH) to the rescue

When considering who you should choose as your maid of honor, it is important to
look for certain qualities in the women that you are choosing between. You are going to need your maid of honor to organize pre-wedding arrangements and to help solve any problems that might occur during the wedding ceremony and the
reception. She is going to be the point person on the actual day. Here are some
questions to ask yourself before making your final decision.

Is she Reliable and well planned?

Your maid of honor needs to be punctual and must make sure that tasks are done on time. She will have a lot of pre-wedding planning to do and will need to ensure that things run like clockwork on the day. Her responsibilities include the bridal shower, the bachelorette and helping you get ready on the day of your wedding.

Does she know you well?

She needs to know your personality. She should know what type of bachelorette
you’d like, or if you you’d prefer to do something else instead. She should also know what will make you feel special on your day. Champagne and strawberries, or a massage and a face mask with the bridesmaids.

Does she have good people skills?

Choose someone who is diplomatic. She will be working alongside the rest of your
bridal party. There will be many dynamics, with a flambouyant mixture of family and
friends, who may not all get on like a house on fire. There may even be some fires to put out. There is no place for her to feel insecure. She is meant to be the glue of your bridal party.

Is she level-headed enough?

On your wedding day you are going to need somebody that is supportive and who
can maintain perspective, more planning and less emotions. The maid of honor’s
main role is not to be a shoulder to cry on, but rather to help you pull yourself
towards yourself if you start to feel overwhelmed. Weddings can get stressful and
she needs to keep her cool when things are hotting up.

Is she resourceful?

You want to choose someone who can be decisive in a stressful situation, and
someone who will take initiative. She should be able to think of everything —
including a killer emergency kit.

Is she fun and responsible?

Having a positive and energetic maid of honor is also very important. She doesn’t
have to be the life of the party, but she does need to keep things light hearted when
planning feels like a burden. She must be sober on your wedding day, so choose
someone who is fun to be around without alcohol having to be in the mix.