Beautiful flowers for a bridal crown

A flower bouquet is no longer the only way to bring beautiful flowers into your bridal look. While flower crowns remain a romantic touch of whimsy, they are no longer purely for a bohemian bride. Different flowers combine in various ways to create a magical bridal crown to suit all wedding styles.

A Crown of beautiful flowers with a veil

Torn between a veil and a flower crown? Why not do both?!

If you choose a simple elegant dress and veil.... Use large bold flowers to create a statement piece matching your bouquet. Beautiful flowers to consider include burgundy Calla Lilies, full blossom peach Garden Roses and rich red velvet Scabiosas, with gorgeous greens from Myrtle and silver dollar Eucalyptus leaves.

If your dress and veil are more dominant... Perhaps a simple myrtle crown, with little Alstroemerias to bring in your theme color.

Crown of Roses

Combine roses, garden roses and spray roses in different stages of bloom to create a gorgeous full crown of roses. Support these beautiful flowers with baby blue eucalyptus leaves and some dusty miller.

You can choose a single color, with the different kinds of roses bringing varying shades and shapes. Or you can choose a variety of bright or pastel shades to pull your theme colors into your look.

Succulent crown

A succulent bridal crown creates a beautifully simple but textured look. There are so many variations, shapes and shades of succulents, that you could choose to use them alone. 

Alternatively you could add smaller flowers to reflect your wedding color scheme. Ideas could include Lilacs, Freesias or Charmelias.

Boho flower crown

For fine hair in a down style, decorate a simple daisy crown with thin ribbons in your theme colors falling from the back of the crown.

If your hair is thick and curly, update the daisy crown with gorgeously colorful Pomponi or Chrysanthemums and add some fluffy balls of Green Trick. You can also add falls of Veronicas to mingle with your curls.

Have you considered a bridal crown of beautiful flowers for your wedding? When you choose your wedding flower bouquets, be sure to ask your florist if they offer a DIY add-on to their package. This will mean you can get additional loose stems in your chosen flowers and theme that you can make into your dream flower crown!